Members rely on our secure & temperature controlled facility, storing your vehicle inspections & drive time to keep it fresh.


Members get access to full time technicians, ready to work on your vehicle as needed from ground up builds to upgrade and modifications.


Don't have time to grab your vehicle from the Garage? Rebel delivers Member vehciels and returns them when you are ready. True concierge ownership!


Kick back and enjoy our Member's Lounge, setup with a large screen TV, Sonos Surround, game station, a pool table, bar area and cozy seating.

We have 2 classic and haven't found a good shop with good techs anywhere local. I heard about Rebel Motor Club and it was a perfect fit. Concierge storage, cool vibe and lounge with on-site techs that work on my cars as needed. Game changer!

Current Member Construction Entreprenuer

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favorite builds.


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