our values.

Integrity, honesty, hard work and experiences drive everything we do at Rebel Motor Club - from our staff, vendors and members.

our family.

We operate Rebel Motor Club like an extension of our own family. Every member matters, every experience counts.

our members.

We are a boutique, private club that welcomes like minded auto enthusiasts with a passion for excellence.

our location.

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, Rebel Motor Club is your man cave, with a full service staff on hand.


our history.

Learn how Rebel Motor Club evolved since 1956, an evolution from phonograph record player sales in the 1950s, to car dealers in the 60s-90s and technology entrepreneurs in the present day.


our membership.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, our one of a kind membership and experience is designed for the automotive enthusiast. It's a private club, concierge garage services and event space under one roof.


our garage.

Our highly skilled technicians are on site to work on your vehicle's service and customization needs. It's like having your own personal garage.


our events.

We love social experiences and have designed an event space that is guaranteed to impress. Let your creativity flow with the use of our audio and visual systems, set in our vehicle storage facility.

We have 2 classic and haven't found a good shop with good techs anywhere local. I heard about Rebel Motor Club and it was a perfect fit. Concierge storage, cool vibe and lounge with on-site techs that work on my cars as needed. Game changer!

Current Member Construction Entreprenuer

I pulled up to the location in a warehouse district and thought I was lost. Once I opened the door, I was blown away by the space and the team. Easy to setup, easy to impress my guests and we had a great time.

Tech Entreprenuer South Florida

Such a crazy space. I love the lighting and visual vibe. It feels like a hidden club in a car storage garage. Great sound system too. It's a must see!

Corporate Financial Executive South Florida

"It's really hard to find a space that isn't your standard vanilla room to throw an event. When I found Rebel, it was so refreshing to know that I have a cool space to recommend to my clients."

Event Planner South Florida

"The event space is amazing! Nothing like it in South Florida! It's our second time using this venue and gets better every time. They are constantly adding to the space."

Event Planner South Florida

"My wife and I spend half our time in Fort Lauderdale and need a safe and secure place to store and maintain my 1969 Fastback. They even deliver it to my door and pick it up when I'm done!"

Current Member 1969 Fastback


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